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  • Display main parameter and sub-parameter
  • Test Parameter: L-Q,C-D,R-Q and Z-Q
  • Display mode:Direct measurement value,absoute deviation,percent deviation
  • Correction:
      OPEN——multi-frequency correction of open circuit
      SHORT——multi-frequency of short ciruit
  • Parallel and Series equvalent circuit mode
  • Range Hold,Data Hold
  • Comparator Function——NG、P1、P2、P3

Parameter L-Q,C-D,R-Q,Z-Q
Frequency 100Hz,120Hz,1kHz
display 5 digits display for both primary and secondary parameters
Measurement Range L 100Hz,120Hz 1μH-9999H
1KHz 0.1μH-999.9H
C 100Hz,120Hz 1pF-9999μF
1KHz 0.1pF-999.9μF
R,│Z│ 0.0001Ω-999.9MΩ
D/Q 0.0001-9999
△% 0.0001%-9999%
Test Level
(Range Auto and Open Circuit)
1kHz,120Hz 0.3Vrms(1±15%)
100Hz 0.42Vrms(1±15%)
Comparator 4 Bins:NG,P1,P2,P3
Accuracy 0.3%(Basic Accuracy)
Limit Setup Range △% -9999%--99999%
Nominal L 0.0001μH -- 99999H
C 0.0001pF -- 99999μF
R 0.0001Ω -- 99999MΩ
Z 0.0001Ω -- 99999MΩ
Alarm Mode NG,P1,P2,P3 and OFF
Power Supply 1604 9V battery or DC12V(100mA)adapter
Low Battery Indication Approx.6V
Power Consumption Nomal:Approx.25mA
Auto power-off:Appox.500nA
Auto Power Off time Approx.5 minutes
Weight Approx.400g
Dimensions 40mm(D)х95mm(W)х200mm(L)