DLY-6EU Air Ion Counter


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connect ground wire


USB connect computer

ion  curve display on computer 


 accssory(include software)


Guide Vedio of DLY-6EU




    The model DLY-6EU Air Ion Counter is designed for measuring the concentration of positive and negative air ions per cubic centimeter. It is mainly used to measure the small air ions. The ion collector and electrometer of this counter are designed in one set. This arrangement reduces the measurement noise greatly. The air ion concentration can be read out from the panel LCD display directly. This instrument is supplied by a build-in rechargeable battery, which can be charged by an AC power adaptor. So, it is very easy to carry out to test anywhere and is very easy to be charged at anywhere there is an AC power line. This instrument is a useful instrument to the researchers and the engineers who works in many scientific fields such as medicine, biology, climatologic, environment, industry, etc. Also, it is a very important tool to the factories that produce the negative ion generators or air purifiers.

    With the software and the USB cable which we provided, you may connect this counter to the personal computer. Transfer the test data into PC,and store in it.The software can trace out the measure result on the computer screen.Please reference to the attach document,Instruction for the consel of DLY-6EU”.

Measure Range: 3999×10;3999×102 ions/cm3

Mobility:  0.4 (cm2/V.sec)

Resolution: 10 ions/cm3

Humidity: R.H.< 80%

Drawing air velocity: 40 cm/second