DLY-5G232 Air Ion Counter (anti-humidity)



The model DLY-5G232 Air Ion Counter is designed for measure the concentration of positive and negative ions simutemeously.It with  RS232 or USB interface. It is able to transfer the test date to computer.This ion counter can operate in high humidity area,as in sea shore,forest wet land,ect.Especilly,it can work for tourist attraction to display the good quality air to the visitor.The Auto Zero technology makes this instrument very easy to operate and is more effective, accurate and stable.


Ion concentration:

Measure Range:10~1.999 ×109ions/cm3

Resolution: 10 ions/cm3 (Accuracy: ± 5%rdg)

Ion Mobility:  0.15(cm2/V.sec)(Accuracy: ± 10%rdg)

Ion Polarity:positive or negative 

Humidity: R.H. ≥90%

sampling air velocity: 180 cm/second;

Power supply:

DC: batteries-14.4V/2Ah (1), 22.5V (8)
AC: 220V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz

Warranty: one year

Carrying Container: portable aluminum alloy case

Packing data:

Dimensions: 413(L)mm x 202(W)mm x 224(H)mm

Weight: 3.7kg

Pcs/Carton:  1

G.W. :5kg

If you want manual,please contact us.