YW-II Water line Controller(with light bulb)

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  • Electrical conductive mode
  • Control single-phase water pump which is below 1000W automatically or manually
  • IC control
  • Control the water pump operation automatically
  • Control the water level of water source and water tower synchronously
  • High sensitivity, counteract wave disturbance function
  • Easy to install, fit to electric liquid
  • Quality assurance
  • Size : 10×10×7 cm

Technical Specification

Fit to the liquid: water, distilled water, acid, alkali, alcohol etc. aqua.
Liquid conductivity: 0~500kΩ·cm (common type)
          0~20MΩ·cm (high resistance)
Control error: ±1mm; control range: unlimited
Media temperature: ≤250℃; pressure of liquid pot: ≤40kg/ cm2
Output capacity: 5A 220V AC; Life ≥100 thousand times