DLY-6A(232) Air Ion Counter


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ion  curve display on computer

accssory(include software)


The model DLY-6A Air Ion Detector is designed for measure the concentration of positive and negative ions per cubic centimeter. This instrument incorprates a very high effectioncy to convert the air ion electric charge into the ion current. So, it's sensitivity is very high.This instrument is supplied by a pair of build-in rechargeable Li-ion batteryIt can work for about 2 weeks long.Also, it can connect to computer and transfer the measuring data to it.With the attached software,you may get idea curve on the computer screen continiously.So, it is really very useful tool to the researchers in many scientific fields as medicine, biology, climatologic, environment, industry etc.


Ion concentration:

Measure Range: 3999×10;3999×102 ions/cm3

Resolution: 10 ions/cm3 (Accuracy: ± 5%rdg)

Mobility: 0.4 (cm2/V.sec)(Accuracy: ± 10%rdg)

Humidity: R.H.< 80%

Drawing air velocity: 40  cm/second

Power supply:

DC: batteries 3.7V,(2Ah)×2
AC:110V~230V, 50Hz or 60Hz 

Warranty: one year

Portable size, easy to bring out


Packing data:

Dimensions: 250(L)mm x 100(W)mm x 60 (H)mm

Weight: 1.0 kg

Pcs/Carton: 1 

G.W. : 1.5kg

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