DLY-3B Air Ion Counter (for the small ions)

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The model DLY-3B Air Ion Counter & Mobility Discriminator is designed for measure the concentration of ions per cubic centimeter. It can discriminates the negative and positive ion by polarity, separates the ion size by mobility. The latest development of this instrument is the new invention of GOLD PLATED ION COLLECTOR, which makes the instrument more effective, accurate and stable. The other improvements are: the ion collector and electrometer are designed in one assembly set. We can directly read out the ion concentration from the panel LCD display. This instrument has a build-in battery DC supply, it can work with or without the AC line support.  Now, DLY-3B is specially design for test air ion generator on the produce line in the factories.


Ion concentration:

Measure Range:1.999X107 ions/cm3

Resolution: 10000 ions/cm3(Accuracy:±5%rdg)

Mobility: 0.15(cm2/V.sec)(Accuracy:±10%rdg)

Drawing air velocity: 180 cm/second

Power supply:

DC: batteries-12V/1.9Ah (1), 22.5V (8)
AC:220V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz

Warranty: one year

Packing data:

Dimensions:413(L)mm x 202(W)mm x 224(H)mm

Weight: 3.7kg

Pcs/Carton:  1

G.W. :

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