Kilter Electronic Institute Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of professional electronic test & measuring instruments in China. Our product line includes digital multimeters, oscilloscope, battery tester, cable tester, clamp meters, air ion counter, air purifiers, programmable timers, engine analyzers and LCR digital bridge.
With more than 15 years of design and manufacturing experience, we have earned a very favorable reputation for the quality of our products. Our strong R&D department develops new models regularly, with designs that meet IEC and CE requirement. We can also customize our products according to your specifications. Our annual production of over a million units is exported worldwide.
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DLY-6N3 Air Ion Counter
DLY-6EU Air Ion Counter
DLY-6A2 Smart Air Ion Counter
DLY-6A3 Air Quality Analyzer
DLY-3 Air Ion Counter
DLY-5G Air Ion Counter
DLY-7G Air Ion Counter
DLY-71 Air Ion Mobility Spectrometer
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